How Number Club works

The mission of Number Club is to improve numeracy in primary school children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, through a combination of game-based learning and volunteer tutors.

Clubs run weekly afterschool. Pupils play a Maths app on a tablet and then have one to one support with a volunteer tutor, addressing gaps in knowledge which are digitally identified.

To be eligible a child must be identified by their teacher as struggling with maths. Priority is given to those facing some kind of disadvantage. 90% of our attendees are recipients of free school meals or pupil premium.

Progress for every student – and each club – is recorded digitally.

  • “It’s fun and I love it!”

    Year 6 – questions answered 678; correct answers 567; accuracy 87%
  • “I like it because the games are fun” 

    Year 5 – questions answered 363; correct answers 307; accuracy 85%
  • “I like the fact we get to play on tablets”

    Year 4 – questions answered 470; correct answers 378; accuracy 80%
  • “Number Club makes football seem boring!”

    Year 6 – questions answered 195; correct answers 152; accuracy 83%
  • “I enjoy Number Club because I’m determined to beat my friends”

    Year 6 – questions answered 678; correct answers 567; accuracy 87%
  • “I like the fact that I play with my friends… it makes education fun”

    Year 6 – questions answered 514; correct answers 426; accuracy 78%
  • “It’s changed the way I think about maths”

    Year 5 – questions answered 362; correct answers 297; accuracy 82%
  • “It’s a fun way of learning things that you wouldn’t get at school”

    Year 6 – questions answered 665; correct answers 601; accuracy 90%

This term at Number Club


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“It was incredible to see the children engaged and enjoying maths. We can’t wait for next week.”
Assistant Headteacher, William Morris Primary School

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