About Number Club

Meet a child with low numeracy and you are meeting a child with poor life chances. Put simply: ‘good numeracy is the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health’.

‘Number Club’ is a pilot project in Oxfordshire to improve numeracy in primary school children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, through a combination of game-based learning and volunteer tutors.

Nationally one in four children left primary school having not met the expected standard in numeracy. Once behind it becomes very difficult to ever catch up. Amongst this cohort, children from low socio-economic backgrounds are significantly over-represented.

As a charity we are taking steps to challenge the observation by the Social Mobility Commission that “the richest areas of the country are the ones failing their poorest children the most”. Through Number Clubs we have an efficient and effective solution to help reduce the attainment gap.

Educational inequality outside of schools

A child’s educational performance should not be determined by their parent’s income. Regrettably the reality is that children from disadvantaged backgrounds in the UK do worse than those from advantaged backgrounds by a greater amount than any comparable country.

Educational inequalities exist outside of schools as well as within. In particular: 1/ Children from low-income families are less likely to benefit from effective homework routines and access to books and computers. 2/ Low-income parents are less likely to engage with school, or set high expectations for academic achievement. 3/ Children from richer families are twice as likely (30% vs. 15%) to have received private tuition.

The Number Club solution

Number Club provides a structured setting where a child, irrespective of the income of their parents, can catch up on a topic they don’t understand through one-to-one tuition. They are places where mentor figures- drawn from corporate and community volunteers- can raise expectations.

By embracing the latest digital technologies within Number Clubs we create an environment that children love, that quickly identifies knowledge gaps and that allows progress to be measured with precision.

We know how important numeracy is to a child’s life chances…we’re determined to make a difference.

Please support us by applying to volunteer or sponsoring a club.


Number Club was launched in 2017 and is a project run by Digital for Good, a UK charity.