Adopt and support a Number Club

What is the aim of Number Club?

The mission of Number Club is to to improve numeracy in primary school children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, through a combination of technology and community/corporate support. We also believe the one to one time in clubs between pupils and volunteer tutors should be used to set high expectations that every child can succeed. Both of these strands are key to scoial mobilty.

What happens in the Clubs?

When children arrive each week the Club starts with a couple of fun maths challenges done on paper. When these are comlete the children are given tablets and supported to play Maths apps which test their mental arithmetic, adjusting according to individual’s levels. Children are able to compete against one another, and are rewarded with virtual prizes. The topics can be adjusted to reinforce work that’s going on that week in school.

Why sponsor a club?

Good numeracy is essential for a child’s life chances. Indeed it has been proven to be the best protection against unemployment, low wages and poor health.

And yet many children, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds, leave primary school without basic numeracy skills.

Number Clubs help address this problem. By sponsoring a club your organisation can play a vital role, and make a direct impact, on children’s futures.

What do sponsors need to do or provide?

Sponsors principal responsibility is to provide a volunteer or two who can attend a Number Club for one hour, once a week, during term time. This will usually be between 3.15 and 4.15pm. At each club there wil be a paid member of staff from Digital for Good leading the sesson. Volunteers facilate the children to play the maths app and give them encouragement and pointers where appropriate.

Training will be given for each volunteer which can be done remotely using e-learning or in person.

Do volunteers all need to be brilliant at Maths?!

No. There’s a very useful volunteer role to just encourage children and keep them motivated. However if someone is struggling with an issue and a volunteer is able to give pointers that’s very welcome. If not they can identify the problem to the club leader who can hopefully help.

Is there any evidence the maths app used in Number Club is effective?

The app we currently use within clubs is called Sumdog. Pupils who use this have been shown to improve their mental arithmetic. Resarch by Glasgow University indicated if they play the game an hour a week then they make 3 times faster progress. [read the research]

Which school would we be matched with?

You would be matched with a primary school that is interested in running a Number Club and looking for a sponsor. We will always aim to match you to the closest primary school to your office premises unless you request otherwise.

Where do the clubs actually take place?

Number clubs are typically hosted within each school, but with the agreement of all parties, can be in a suitable local venue such as a library.

Can we tell if our sponsorship has made an impact?

Yes. Not only will you have the qualitative reports back from your volunteers, through the maths app software we are able to provide a detailed quantitative report with everything from number of correct questions answered to progress. There will be a league table for the top perfoming Number Clubs, so you can really see how the impact of your sponsorship is measuring up!

Interested… please get in touch.