Starting a Number Club at your school

Applying to start a Number Club

Only primary Schools in Oxfordshire can apply to have a Number Club at present. Clubs can either be run in-house by school staff or we can manage the clubs on your behalf. We fundraise to subsidise the costs for each Club. If you would like a club at your school please contact

Where and when Clubs take place

Number clubs are typically hosted in school, but with the agreement of all parties, can be in a suitable local venue such as a library.

The clubs take place once a week straight after school, usually until 4.15pm. The day of the week needs to be chosen by mutual agreement.

How are the Clubs staffed?

If you wish we can often manage the Number Club on your behalf. We provide both a Club leader and volunteers for each session, ensuring that they have been verified in terms of DBS checks etc. Alternatively you can run a Number Club in-house, with your own staff, and if appropiate volunteers.

Who can attend?

There is capacity for up to 12 children to attend each Club. The goal is to target those children struggling with maths and schools can identify which children (aged 8+) participate but to qualify for the subsided rate priority must be given to those on free school meals. If a child has special needs there must be a suitable plan to manage these in place.

What happens in the Clubs?

When children arrive, each week the Club starts with a couple of fun maths challenges done on paper. When these are comlete the children are given tablets and supported to play Maths apps which test their mental arithmetic, adjusting according to individual’s levels. Children are able to compete against one another, and are rewarded with virtual prizes. The topics can be adjusted to reinforce work that’s going on that week in school.

Can children continue to use the maths apps out of school?

Yes. A significant percentage of children who attend Number Club then choose to carry on using the maths apps in their home environment, extending the benefit.

Is there any evidence that the Club is effective at improving numeracy?

Teachers where clubs exist already have said that Number Clubs have a signifcant impact on pupil motivation towards learning Maths.

One of the apps we currently use is called Sumdog. Resarch by Glasgow University indicated if they play the game an hour a week then they make 3 times faster progress. [read the research]

Is there a charge?

Yes – there is a charge. We incur costs such as staff salaries, the provision of tablets and volunteer DBS checks amongst other things. But we are a charity and fundraise to ensure that the costs are subsidised.  You can see our pricing here.


Digital for Good is able to provide tablets for each club where appropriate computer facilities are not available. In most circumstances it is expected the participating venue will provide a wifi internet connection but where not possible this can sometimes be overcome. Within our pricing options it is possible – under our managed plus model – for a school to retain use of the tablets for other activites during the week.

Measuring success

Through the maths app software – Sumdog – that Number Club uses we are able to provide significant data, including questions answered, accuracy and progress. A report is shared with the school weekly, within 24 hours of each Club that we manage taking place.

Interested… please get in touch.